retailAboveCorona: Retailing in times of crisis

- 27-28 octombrie -

retailArena - retailAboveCorona: Retailing in times of crisis

retailArena - retailAboveCorona: Retailing in times of crisis is the benchmark event that focuses on the impact of Covid-19 pandemic in the retail industry, FCMG and eCommerce, on changes in consumer behavior, but also on the opportunities generated on a large scale.

How have retailers adapted to the new economic and consumer reality? What steps have producers taken to meet the new needs of consumers? How much has the pandemic accelerated certain trends? How many of them should have already been adopted by retailers and become the new normal? What are the new trends that appear as a result of the pandemic and to what extent can we anticipate them in the context of dramatic changes from one day to the next? What strategies and solutions have traders adopted to remain relevant and what do they foresee in the future in the retail industry? Do sustainability strategies and those with a focus on experiences in the conditions of distance measures still matter? How much will retail be digitized and how can we reform an entire industry?

To these questions and many more we will answer at the eighth edition of retailArena - retailAboveCorona: Retailing in times of Crisis. For two days we propose a complete event, with an omnichannel approach, with experiences both offline and online, where you will find the answer to any possible question about the evolution of these sectors.

The event is one of offline reference, where, for two days, participants can take part at debates, workshops and networking. retailArena 2020, however, will also include the virtual component of InternetCorp, a solution developed since the beginning of the pandemic.


    • The most up-to-date retail informations
    • Practical applications from the marketing and sales strategies of important companies in this field
    • New ideas for new times: the advantages of a traditional retail business vs. electronic commerce
    • Networking in a virtual environment and new business opportunities

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